SMA Class Ring Replicas Are Now Available !!!

Have you or a loved one lost an SMA Class ring? This has happened to many SMA alumni, but not until now have we been able to offer a source for you to obtain a replacement “replica” of the class ring.

The SMA-VWIL Museum has announced the availability of SMA class ring replicas. The rings can be ordered through Jostens, a commercial firm that produces rings. The SMA Class ring replicas are available for purchase in either 10K or 14K white or yellow gold ($466.00), or white lustrium (a silver alloy) ($269.00) plus 5% sales tax.

NOTE: These rings cannot be ordered through the SMA-VWIL Museum.

For your convenience, an order form is available for download [SMA Class Ring order form] or by calling the SMA Alumni Office at (540) 885-1309.

Pictured below is an example of the new SMA Class Ring

SMA Class RingsSMA Class Rings