SMA Legacy Fund Project

The vision of the SMA Legacy Fund is to preserve in perpetuity the legacy of Staunton Military Academy, its core values of “Truth, Duty and Honor” and its heritage.

While the doors of SMA closed in 1976, “The Hill” and the legacy of SMA lives on through the combined efforts of the SMA Alumni Foundation and Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), at Mary Baldwin University.

The long gray line of SMA alumni gets shorter every year. Surviving alumni are encouraged to make every effort help build appropriate endowments to sustain our Legacy long after the final SMA cadet passes away. This is the only way to ensure the values of Truth, Duty, and Honor that Staunton Military Academy stood for – will survive.

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SMA Heritage Fund
Purpose – to help ensure that the memories, traditions, and alumni efforts are carried into perpetuity.

Truth, Duty & Honor Fund
Purpose – to support entities such as the VWIL Program at Mary Baldwin that exemplify the core values of Truth, Duty, and Honor through educational scholarships and program support.