Mei-Ling To Fye

Mei-Ling To Fye
Mei-Ling To Fye

Cadet Mei-Ling To Fye was awarded the SMA Alumni Association’s Leadership scholarship for the year 2003 in a ceremony on April 11, 2003. The scholarship was presented by Mr. Tom Phillips, SMA ’74, past-president of the Association, and Lt Col in the Army reserves. The following is the text of his scholarship presentation speech:

“I’m pleased to be here representing the SMA Alumni Association. For the past several years it’s been our honor to present a one-thousand dollar scholarship to a cadet who exhibits strong leadership qualities, high academic standards and is committed to completion of one of the ROTC programs.”

This year’s honoree certainly continues the string of strong awardees we have recognized in the past.

Our selection this year is here on an Army ROTC scholarship, maintains a strong 3.5 grade average and is a starting member of the Mary Baldwin soccer team. She is an accomplished pianist and member of the VWIL band. And, as the S-2 corporal, she has been in charge of the Corps briefing team when VIPs visit the campus.

Before she returns to campus next fall to serve as the Drum major and an elected member of the college’s honor council, she also will have earned her parachutist’s wings at the Army’s Airborne School.

Cadets and ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present the 2003 recipient of the SMA Leadership Scholarship, Cadet Mei-Ling To Fye.”