March 2001 – Board Minutes


S.M.A. Alumni Association Inc. Board of Directors Meeting

March 30, 2001, in Staunton Virginia

  • Board members participating:Thomas E.B. Phillips, President
    Stuart P. Smith, Vice President
    Robert Parrino, Secretary-Treasurer
    Cyril B. Aaron
    Alvan S. Arnall
    Frederick C. Burner
    Dominick A. Dalbo
    Thomas A. Davis
    William A. Leeman
    Mark J. Orr
  • Others attending:Fred C. Thompson, Executive Director, S.M.A. Alumni Association
    Doris Thompson
    Ike Kivlighan
    Patty Aaron
    Jean Smith
  • Board members not participating:Eugene K. Ehmann
    William J. Kearns
    Lawrence N. Marks
    Donald W. Tobin

President Phillips called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. EST.

The following items were discussed and disposed of in the reported manner.

The minutes of the February 5 Board meeting were approved as previously mailed to the directors and as amended at the meeting.

Tom Davis reviewed the financial reports of the Association and Foundation.

The SMA Foundation had a total of $262,259.28 in assets as of February 28, 2001. Unrestricted contributions are $670.91 behind the previous year for the six months ending February 28, 2001. Tom noted that this is not surprising given the level of fundraising activity for the museum this year.

$2,853.78 in the restricted checking account is being held in reserve in case the building currently housing the Alumni Association office needs painting after the office moves to the SMA-VWIL museum.

The assets on the balance sheet for the Alumni Association totaled $7,979.48 as of February 28, 2001.

The Alumni Association dues are $2,025 ahead of the previous year for the six-month period ending February 28, 2001.

Tom Davis made a motion for Tom Phillips to sign an authorization for the sale of securities. The motion was passed.

Fred Thompson reviewed the Director’s report, which is attached to these minutes as an amendment.

Tom Davis made a motion that the interest earned on the funds in the museum fund, through the end of March 30, 2001, be used to help defray expenses related to the Foundation. The motion was passed.

Stuart Smith discussed the inventory of certain SMA memorabilia. The board decided to open the storage shed containing excess memorabilia (e.g., that which cannot be used in the museum) at the annual reunion. Alumni will be able to take what they want; the remaining items will be discarded.

Tom Davis discussed a proposal to amend Article 1, The Function of the Foundation, in the Foundation by-laws. This amendment includes as a purpose of the foundation, the establishment and maintenance of a public archive and memorial wall funded through public contributions to honor SMA and VWIL graduates, faculty and staff. The function statement, as amended, was approved.

The board discussed the annual fund fundraising activities. Alvan made a motion that the next newsletter solicit donations only for a single SMA Foundation account (rather than annual and scholarship funds separately) and that the solicitation for that account state that contributed funds will be used for “museum, scholarships, and related expenses.” This motion was passed.

The board discussed the organization and conduct of the annual reunion.

Friday, May 4 is the deadline for submitting articles for the June newsletter.

Stuart noted that Amanda Bennett received the SMA scholarship awarded to a sophomore VWIL student on March 23. Tom Phillips awarded the scholarship at the VWIL awards ceremony.

Mark Orr discussed the financial status of the museum project. He summarized changes in cost estimates since the October 2001 board meeting, the museum fund balance as of March 28, 2001 ($236,012.09), and the “safety net” of funds in excess of currently projected expenses ($24,400.23). Mark also discussed the activities of the alumni in the Staunton area who are helping with the museum project.

The board discussed the need for liability and personal property insurance policies for the museum. The question of precisely who will be responsible for insuring certain losses was discussed in the context of a discussion of the proposed lease in which Section 15 (a) states that: “Tenant shall indemnify and save harmless Landlord from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) in connection with the loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising out of the use or occupancy of the Property by Tenant.” Tom Davis agreed to consult an attorney and insurance agent on this issue.

Fred Burner discussed progress on the restoration of the WWI memorial, including alternative ways of restoring/shoring-up the monument. The cost of restoring the monument will be on the order of $700. Fred will get a formal cost estimate and prepare a proposal for presentation to Mary Baldwin officials.

Fred also discussed the design of the plaque for SMA alumni who died in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. The money for this plaque, which will be placed on the other side of the WWI monument, is in the bank.

Fred indicated that Mary Baldwin’s support would be necessary to put the monument on the National Historic Register and suggested that the board wait until construction of the museum is complete before approaching Mary Baldwin about getting the monument listed on the Register, if the board decides to do this.

The VWIL program has asked approval of the SMA Alumni Association board to name their rifle team the “Howie Rifles.” The motion was made to support use of the Howie Rifle name by the VWIL cadets. Tom Phillips will write a letter to the VWIL cadets indicating the support of the board.

Mark Orr made a motion to allow the administrators of the scholarship at Florida State University that is currently known as “The Scholarship Benefiting Staunton Military Academy Alumni in the name of John Deal.” to change the name to “John Deal – Staunton Military Academy Education Scholarship” or “Staunton Military Academy – John Deal Education Scholarship.” The motion passed.

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m. EST.

Robert Parrino