August 2007 – Board Minutes

SMA Alumni Association (SMAAA) Board Minutes
Thursday, August 16, 2007

The teleconference call meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m. EDT by Harry Bruckno, Vice President.



Harry Bruckno
Tom Phillips
Tom Davis
Dick Staunch
Si Painter
Lee Lawrence
Jack Lowe
Craig Hanson
Ed Smith
Gene Ehmann
Bob Parker
Larry Atkinson




Dave Litzenburg
Bill Bissett
Bill Kearns
Jack Dalbo
Mark Orr
Jack Hildebrand
Julian Lake
Burdette Holmes
Peter Worth




Harry Brockno convened the conference call and informed the Board that Dave Litzenburg is undergoing treatment for lung cancer. As a result, various members of the Board will be called upon to assist with production of the Kablegram and reunion planning activities until Dave is able to reassume his volunteer duties (Dave previously announced his resignation as president and a board member effective Aug. 31).




Tom Davis presented an abbreviated report on the Association and Foundation financials. As a result of the mailing to the alumni, dues are starting to come in to the office – approximately $3,700 this week. As a result, approximately $4,600 is in the alumni association checking account.


The foundation has approximately $5,000 in its checking account. The museum account has a balance of $9.819. The foundation also owns 369 shares of General Electric common stock, worth about $13,600. The endowment account has a balance of $7,079, following a withdrawal of $5,000 as a loan to the association to pay bills. The scholarship account has a balance of $22,494, in addition to a bond of $30,000. The memorial fund has $1,285 in its account, and the brick fund is approximately $6,582. The VWIL Initiative fund has a balance of $18,079.




Reunion: Tom reported that the 2007 reunion generated $16,880 in revenues and a surplus of $637 existed after expenses. Lee suggested that registration fees be increased to increase revenues and allow for a hospitality room to be available during the reunion. General board consensus was that the fee could be increased to $100 (from $85).


Museum: Regarding the bust of MAJ Howie, Jack Lowe reported that the foundry in placeCityFredericksburg still has the mold and the board will need to decide whether to have another bust made for display in the museum. Estimate of cost is $1,500. The board agreed to discuss the issue at its next meeting.




Harry reported that Dave had incurred some personal expenses on a credit card held by the foundation that is used to pay for ongoing expenses (e.g., printing, office supplies). Dave is doing an accounting of the credit card statements and will return the report with the credit card to the Alumni Office; he will reimburse the association/foundation for personal expenses incurred.


Harry reported that BG Bissell, VWIL Commandant, had informed him there is interest in constructing a new building on the North Barracks site. The building could serve as a VWIL barracks and possibly the site for the SMA-VWIL museum, in addition to office space and a parking garage. He will brief the board at its meeting in placeCityStaunton on Sep. 28.




Dues. Harry told the board that approximately 600 of the 3,000 alumni on the Kablegram distribution list pay dues. He encouraged board members to contact members of their SMA graduating class to encourage paying their dues.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.