April 2003 – Board Minutes

SMA Alumni Association (SMAAA) Board Minutes
Saturday, April 5, 2003


1. William (Bill) Kearns, ’74, President, called the meeting to order with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance by the 32 members which were present. The minutes from the last Alumni Association Meeting were unanimously accepted.




Tom Davis ’62, Treasurer, reviewed the financial statements for the Foundation and the Alumni Association. During his report it was stated that more people had paid dues this year then in any other year. Other discussions during the report concerned the:


Scholarship Fund: $1,000 awarded to a VWIL Cadet each year


Endowment Fund: Larry Steele, ’61, made the suggestion that there should be something in writing as to the uses of this fund.


The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously accepted.




Brocky Nicely, ’65, Museum Curator, reported on the progress of the museum. He gave information on future projects such as : Tempered Steele, a display on SMA Faculty which should be completed by Spring 2004. It was his request that anyone having information on the faculty or special stories of their days at SMA should send them to the museum.




a. Bill Kearns explained that the main reason for moving the reunion was to establish contact with the VWIL Cadets. He stated that the Board had discussed the importance of becoming a major financial sponsor of the VWIL Program through the SMA Leadership Scholarship. He announced that Gene Ehmann, ’74, had been chosen to head a major scholarship fundraising effort. The floor was then turned over to Gene who stated that it was time to take the scholarship fund to the next level. When asked about the final goal, he explained that it would be an aggressive goal to be decided at a future date.


b. Dick Staunch, ’61, suggested that the alumni should consider contacting the soldier from West Virginia who had been a POW to offer her a full VWIL Scholarship. The alumni was reminded by President Kearns that any action taken concerning VWIL would have to be discussed with General Bissell and details would have to be worked out concerning the scholarship awards. Larry Steele expressed his concern that, because of the decreasing number of SMA Alumni, adequate should always be available to operate the museum and “to do what we can to keep SMA alive”. He was assured that this would be done and it had been discussed by the Board.


c. Many members spoke on how impressed they were with the VWIL Program and a suggestion was made to have a VWIL Cadet featured in each issue of the Kablegram. William Louisell, ’46, was in favor of reinstating the Kable Legion of Honor Award. This award was presented to a graduating SMA Cadet who was top of his class. He felt that the award could once again be awarded to an outstanding graduate of VWIL and was willing to do more research into this.


d. Butch Aaron, ’57, inquired as to the progress being made in forming a Howie Rifle Drill Team within VWIL. John Hooser, ’73, reported that only 8 to 10 cadets had shown interest at the time he contacted them but would approach General Bissell in the near future concerning this possibility.




Tom Phillips, ’74, reported on the reunion stating that the April date had enabled the alumni to work closely with VWIL. Everyone present was in agreement to hold 2004’s reunion again in April with the exact dates to be decided after a meeting with General Bissell.


Because of the lower numbers attending this year, it was suggested that each class designate a member to contact his class in order to have a larger turn out next year.




A motion was made by Tom Phillips to strike Section b, under Article V, (Board of Directors).
This read: “A Board member can only serve for three consecutive years except that the immediate Past President, shall at his discretion, serve as a Director for one (1) additional year following his term of office. After a period of one year off the Board, a member may be considered for re-election.”


The motion to strike this section from the Bi-Laws was seconded and passed unanimously.


7. The nominations for 2003-2004 Board of Directors were voted upon and approved.


William (Bill) J. Kearns, ’74, President
C. David (Dave) Litzenburg, ’58, Vice-President
Eugene (Gene) K. Ehmann, ’74, Secretary
Thomas (Tom) A. Davis, ’62, Treasurer


8. The meeting was adjourned by Bill Kearns, President