SMA Hall of Fame

This SMA Hall of Fame web page is a living list, which currently shows just a few of the more renown SMA alumni…

We realize this is an incomplete listing. Help preserve the SMA legacy — please let us know about others that you feel should be added. Candidates (e.g., alumni, former faculty, staff) nominated for the SMA Hall of Fame may be submitted to the SMA webmaster or you can submit nominations via USPS to the SMAAF Office.

1888John A. HulenBrigadier General, National Army; Commander 1st Texas BrigadeDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1917Edwin A. PollockGeneral; Commander, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic & Pacific; Navy CrossDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1920Logan C. BerryColonel, U.S. Army; Military Attache AMEMB, Mexico CityDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1923Woodbury M. BurgessBrigadier General, U.S. Air Force; NSA D/Director ProductionDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1924Robert T. FrederickMajor General, U.S. Army (Youngest Army Gen. in WWII); “Devils Brigade”Download SMA Hall of Famer
1927Cooper B. BrightCaptain, U.S. NavyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1928David McCampbellCaptain, U.S. Navy; WWII Navy’s Top Fighter Ace; Awarded Medal of HonorDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1928Herbert G. SparrowMajor General, U.S. Army – 40 years of serviceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1928Edgar M. WittanColonel, USAAF; WWII – Commander, 390th Bomber GroupDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1932William S. SteeleMajor General, U.S. Air ForceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1932Charles L. CogswellBrigadier General, USMC; WWII led the first landing on GuadalcanalDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1935Henry G. PlittBrigadier General, U.S. Army Reserves; Founded Plitt Theaters, Inc.Download SMA Hall of Famer
1935John WielandLT, U.S. Navy; WWII KIA; Wieland Gates built and named in his honorDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1939Jeffrey G. SmithLieutenant General, U.S. Army (Ret.); Commander, First US ArmyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1941Frank L. Gailer, Jr.Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force; Vice Commander, 3rd AF EuropeDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1941George B. TullidgeDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1941Albert L. Hutson, Jr.Colonel, U.S. Army; WWII, Vietnam – 32 years of serviceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1943Jeffrey C. Metzel, Jr.Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy; 4th Commadning Officer of USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571)Download SMA Hall of Famer
1946William C. Louisell, Jr.Brigadier General, U.S. ArmyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1947Edward B. AtkesonMajor General, U.S. Army; NIC/DCI; Author “A Tale of Three WarsDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1947Sloan Reid “Sandy” GillMajor General, U.S. Air Force; Chief Air Force ReservesDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1947Edward C. PeterLt General, U.S. Army; Cmdr 4th U.S. Army; President CDCDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1948Edward R. BurkaBrigadier General, U.S. Army Reserves, Medical CorpsDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1950Fred N. HopewellColonel, U.S. Air Force – 30 years of serviceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1959George M. StantCaptain, U.S. Navy – 30 years of serviceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1965Antonio J. VicensMajor General, PR Army National GuardDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1969Kim G. LangleyColonel, U.S. ArmyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1972Jeffrey G. Smith, Jr.Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.); VMI Deputy Superintendent & Dean of FacultyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1974Stephen M. GoldfeinMajor General, U.S. Air ForceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1975Russell S. PennimanRear Admiral, U.S. NavyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
StaffThomas D. HowieMajor, U.S. Army; WWII KIA; Renown as hero “The Major of St. LoDownload SMA Hall of Famer
StaffWilton B. PersonsMajor General, U.S. Army; Chief of Staff for President EisenhowerDownload SMA Hall of Famer
StaffAlexander M. PatchLt General, U.S. Army; WWII Commander, U.S. 7th Army EuropeDownload SMA Hall of Famer