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SMA Hall of Fame

This SMA Hall of Fame web page is a living list, which currently shows just a few of the more renown SMA alumni…

We realize this is an incomplete listing. Help preserve the SMA legacy — please let us know about others that you feel should be added. Candidates (e.g., alumni, former faculty, staff) nominated for the SMA Hall of Fame may be submitted to the SMA webmaster or you can submit nominations via USPS to the SMAAF Office.

18??Walter S. HullihenPresident, University of DelawareDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1905William M. MannDirector, National Zoological Park; Author: “Wild Animals in Captivity”Download SMA Hall of Famer
1909Carl B. LivingstonLay Archaeologist — Booster for New Mexico’s Carlsbad CavernsDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1923Charles B. Morrey, Jr.Professor of Mathmatics, University of CA, BerkeleyDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1927Austin D. BaltzEducator/Teacher; Delaware – Austin D. Baltz Elementary SchoolDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1942Edward L. “Bebo” DodgeTeacher, Coach, Commandant, Headmaster of SMA (1947-76)Download SMA Hall of Famer
1947John IsbellProfessor of Mathematics, The State University of New YorkDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1952Rustem I. GamowProfessor of Chemical Engineering, University of ColoradoDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1952John PopsonOutstanding athlete and coachDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1953Dennis M. OliverKiwanis Volunteer & Executive LeaderDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1957Ralph L. Bolton, IIProfessor of Anthropology, Pomona College, CADownload SMA Hall of Famer
1959John H. MaurerEducator/Teacher.Principal, Staunton City Middle & High schoolsDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1965Brocky A. NicelyTeacher, Scout Leader, Civil War Scholar, SMA Museum Curator & Archvist, author, and youth leader in Staunton, VADownload SMA Hall of Famer
1970Gregory P. RobertsonHero – saved life during an in-air parachute rescueDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1973George MastroianniProfessor of Psychology, USAF Academy; Author: A Warrior’s Guide to Psychology and PerformanceDownload SMA Hall of Famer
1974Bruce W. ThomasSuperintendent, Warren City Schools & Professor of Education, Akron Univ.Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffThomas J. JohnsonProfessor, U.S. History (SMA, 1953-76; MMA, 1976-2000)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffThomas W. LeighProfessor, English (SMA); James Madison University (1950-82)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffWilliam C. MoonSuperintendent, Headmaster, Teacher (SMA, 1950-74; MMA, 1974-91)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffBreece PancakeEnglish Teacher, SMA 1976. Noted Appalachian Author (The Stories of Breece D’J Pancake, Tribolities)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffSamuel S. PitcherProfessor, Head Mathematics Dept, Asst. Headmaster (SMA 1912-1969)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffRobert H. WeaseProfessor, U.S. Government (SMA, 1956-76, FMS, 1976-Present)Download SMA Hall of Famer
StaffEdward “Ned” Monroe Bonfoey, Jr.Commandant, Coach and Teacher (SMA, 1968-73; R.E. Lee HS, 1973-96)Download SMA Hall of Famer