Staunton Military Academy

SMA Hall of Fame

“For decades, SMA was the most prestigious military preparatory school in the world. The entire program exceeded infinitely all others at its level. SMA’s magnificent array of alumni attests to the substance of its program. In every walk of life, SMA’s graduates have excelled and continue to do so in government, business, entertainment, sports, and law.”

Colonel W. Crawford Moon, Former SMA Superintendent, September 1996

This SMA Hall of Fame web page is a living list, which currently shows just a few of the more renown SMA alumni…

We realize this is an incomplete listing. Help preserve the SMA legacy — please let us know about others that you feel should be added. Candidates (e.g., alumni, former faculty, staff) meeting the criteria defined in the document below can be nominated for the SMA Hall of Fame by completing the nomination form provided below and following the instructions on the form for submitting it to the HoF Committee. NOTE: Please review the current list of inductees prior to submitting a new nomination to ensure the individual is not already inducted.

Candidate Selection Criteria

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