SMA-VWIL Memorial Wall

Staunton Military Academy Alumni Foundation

As part of the SMA Legacy Projects and financial support provided by Hunter W. Henry, SMA ’46, the SMA Alumni Association developed the SMA-VWIL Memorial Wall on the eastward-facing wall of the SMA-VWIL Museum. The memorial wall was officially dedicated during a formal ceremony as part of the SMA Alumni Reunion 2002 Weekend, on Saturday, 27 July. The key purpose behind the SMA-VWIL Memorial Wall is to pay tribute by remembering and honoring all those that made The Ultimate Sacrifice in one of the four major wars, which our SMA brothers served and made the ultimate sacrifice. The memorial wall also serves as a memorial to recognize and honor those SMA /VWIL alumni, faculty and staff or others associated with SMA/VWIL that have been nominated and selected for a memorial plaque.

Pictured below is the focal point of the memorial wall. The centerpiece plaque, The Ultimate Sacrifice, was designed by sculptor Larry Perkins, SMA ’51. It is bordered by the four war plaques listing the names of SMA brothers that were killed in action during one of the four major wars of the last century. On either side of this focal point of plaques, will be individual memorial plaques paying tribute and honoring individuals associated with SMA (e.g., former faculty/staff, alumni, and friends of SMA).

The SMA Alumni Association will provide funding for three such individual memorial plaques each year. Nominations of plaque candidates should be submitted by the December 31st each year. Other individual memorial plaques may be purchased and funded through private sources. All plaques must meet strict standards criteria and be approved by the SMA-VWIL Museum Committee.

Memorial Wall
Memorial Wall
Memorial Wall
Memorial Wall
Memorial Wall


Individual Memorial Plaques
Year HonoredFaculty/Staff Alumni
2018 No Faculty/Staff Plaques this yearHarold Paul “Herk” Wolfe
SMA ’49
2017Colonel John H. Cleveland
Commandant, SMA 1966-1972
Garland D. Haddock
Faculty, Headmaster, SMA 1951-1966
No Alumni Plaques this year
2016No Faculty/Staff Plaques this yearJohn T. Colson
SMA ‘52
Stephen J. Kott
SMA ‘58
2015No Faculty/Staff Plaques this yearDavid C. Cumming
SMA ‘59
Claude Bufford Shaw
SMA ‘37
2014Dennis Case
Faculty, Headmaster, SMA 1956-1975
No Alumni Plaques this year
2013SFC Francis Demory
Faculty, SMA 1961-64 & 1970-71
Colonel William Dove
Faculty, SMA 1956-63
Dr. Brenda Bryant
Director VWIL, VWIL 1995-2012
Craig Hanson
SMA ’74
2012No Faculty/Staff Plaques this yearHunter W/ Henry
SMA ’46
John H. Maurer
SMA ’59
Robert Spears
SMA ’48
2011Louisa “Lou” Onesty
Coach SMA 1939-1947
Colonel William M. Pandak
Instructor, Coach, Athletic Director SMA 1954-1975
William W. Thompson
SMA ’41
2010Maj. Thomas D. Howie
Faculty, Coach, Athletic Director, SMA 1929-1941
Ike Kivlighan
SMA ‘29
2009Cooper Buck Bright
SMA ’27
Robert T. Frederick
SMA ‘24
No Alumni Plaques this year
2008Heirome L. Opie
SMA ‘32
No Alumni Plaques this year
2007No Faculty/Staff Plaques this yearNo Alumni Plaques this year
2006Captain Richard “Dick” Steinberg
Faculty, Coach, SMA 1961-1964
Dr. Alexis O. Fernandez
SMA ‘49
Alvin B. Simon
SMA ‘49
2005Colonel Edward L. Dodge
SMA ’42 Commandant, Headmaster, Instructor, Coach SMA
Winton M. Blount
SMA ’38
Captain Carl B. Livingston
SMA ’09
2004General Alexander M. Patch
USA, Commandant, PMS&T SMA 1920-28, 1932-36
Colonel Rueben E. Moody
Teacher SMA 1918-1968
Wallace P. “Wally” Stilz
SMA ’39
2003Colonel Stewart S. Pitcher
Superintendent, Teacher SMA 1912-1969
1st SGT Charles O. Graham
Instructor, SMA 1957-59 & 1966-75
Manley Hubbs
SMA ’34
2002Colonel Philip H. Enslow
USA, SMA ’18 Teacher & PMS&T SMA 1946-1966
Barry M. Goldwater
SMA ’28
David S. McCampbell
SMA ’28
2001Colonel Harrison S. Dey
Superintendent, Teacher, Coach SMA 1927-1973
MSGT Glenn E. Gibson
USA Instructor, Coach SMA 1962-1975
Major Thomas J. Johnson, Jr.
Teacher SMA 1953-1976
Colonel William C. Moon
Teacher, Headmaster, Superintendent, SMA 1950-1974
John G. Deal
SMA `49
John R. DiGiacomo
SMA ’40
Horace W. Parsley
SMA ’24